3 fantastic reasons you have to visit Cornwall in the winter





Cornwall has its fair share of cozy corners with open fires that look like the perfect spot to snuggle down, grab a coffee and hide away from winter. And that is definitely something you should do while you are there. But you would be missing out on what makes Cornwall my favourite part of England, its coast (yes, even in winter).  



Cornwall has absolutely spectacular sandy beaches - about 300 of them- that stretch for miles and once you get to the end of one, you can climb up on to the headlands which will connect you to the next stretch of beach.


The best part? The beaches are almost deserted during the winter months. Unlike the summer where it can be hard to even find a spot to put down your towel. 


Cornwall can, even in the depth of winter, have some fairly mild days which makes long walks on the beach a must. All these photos were taken at the end of December and for most of the day I was warm enough in just a jumper. 



Cornwall is at the heart of the UK surfing scene, and it would take quite a lot of convincing (or bribing) to get me into the water in the middle of December. But not for the Cornish. They are tough surfers who seem to hardly even notice the freezing temperatures that winter brings, and thats because it also brings with it the best waves.


If you are a keen surfer this is the place to be - more specifically you should head to Sennen Cove named in the top 10 surfing locations in the world by The Guardian



My two favourite stretches of beach are Watergate Bay and Perranporth, and both have brilliant cozy cafes at the end where you can finally get that coffee to warm up.









The highly praised 'Fifteen' gives traditional Italian dishes a Cornish twist - using local and sustainable produce. Their menu changes daily, which will keep any foodie on their toes. Although 'Fifteen' is a high end restaurant still holds on to the relaxed surfer vibe that gives Cornwall, and Fifteen, its charm. Above all things they take pride in their ingredients, their people and their spectacular panoramic view of Watergate Bay. 


If you haven't already heard of 'Fifteen' it is based on the idea of a social enterprise model - where a business is driven by social ambition rather than by financial gain. Jamie took on fifteen (hence the name) apprentices, who were all young, unemployed, had fallen out of mainstream education and needed a fresh start and trained them to be world class chefs. 


All profits that the restaurant earns goes back in to its apprenticeship programme. The concept received a massive amount of exposure, support and earned Jamie Oliver an MBE. 



Address: On the Beach, Watergate Bay, Newquay, TR8 4AA

Google Maps: Click here for their location on google maps.

Website: Click here for their website.

Price: ££££





Cornwall has some of the prettiest sea side towns in the whole country, so beautiful that they are rammed with tourists in the summer. And although they are still worth a visit even when they are packed, all the people definitely take away from the charm of these little towns. 



St. Ives, which is right on the sea and basked in beautiful light is definitely a must see whilst you are down in Cornwall. Lots of little tiny cottages sit on either side of even smaller winding roads. It’s something straight off a post card and feels as though it's stuck in time. The picturesque town with its renowned light has had artists flocking here for decades.



The large artist base here has lead to a brach of the Tate Gallery being opened in the town. Nearly all the artists that have work in the gallery have either lived or visited St. Ives. If you have an interest in art it is definitely worth a trip. 



Address: Porthmeor Beach, Saint Ives TR26 1TG

Google Maps: Click here for the location on google maps

Opening Times: 10am-4:20pm every day (closed on Monday) 

Price: Entry to Tate St Ives is £8.25 concessions £6.60

Website: Click here for their website.









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