Glamping: The best thing you will do in Bled

Bled already looks like something out of a fairytale, so why not stay somewhere just as magical?

Glamping: Slovenia Lake Bled

I was searching for Bled on a couple of my favourite bloggers sites, to make sure I didn't miss anything while I was there, when I stumbled on this gem! A glamping site right by Lake Bled. I couldn't miss the opportunity to stay in a wonderfully cosy and magical little hut so I booked it immediately. I only booked one night, after all I was still on a travellers budget and still committed to the hostel lifestyle, but it was my favourite night in Slovenia.

Glamping: Slovenia Lake Bled

The huts are definitely cosy, the double bed took up the majority of the space, but they had very clever little cupboards down the side to store your things. Each hut also has their own very clean, modern bathrooms with an amazingly hot waterfall shower. Towels and robes are given to you.

One end of the hut is completely glass, and looks out in to the wilderness, making you feel like you are in the middle of nature, rather than being surrounded by a campsite. I was trying to keep to a budget and so didn't opt for my own wood-fired hot tub and now I wish I had. If you do opt for a hot tub they will provide candles for you and you can even get dinner brought to your hot tub. Romantic movie vibes or what?

Glamping: Slovenia Lake Bled

When you wake up the next morning there's a little basket on your porch full of breakfast! With yogurt, cold meats, cheese, bread, jams, fruit and a couple of other bits and bobs including a flask of hot coffee. I had wanted to take a snap of it to be able to show you all, but Matt had already tucked in before I got the chance. Classic.

Glamping: Slovenia Lake Bled

I had wanted to take some more photos of the camping site too, but I was loving my little hut so much that I ran out of time! It's a perfectly magical little spot, and if you can spare a little bit of extra cash it is worth it. Especially as a little romantic treat for someone.

Price: Starting from €61 with a hot tub and breakfast.

Link to Website: click here

And don't forget to pack a toothbrush!

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